Proplus Solutions provides a full product line for network solutions, including computer repair services, laptop services, desktops, servers, routers, firewalls, switches, printers and more.

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Our Services


System Maintenance

Computer maintenance is the practice of keeping computers in a good state of control maintenance. If the cooling system is not filtered then regular computer cleaning may prevent short circuits and overheating may occurs some problems.The Services provided by us:

  • Computer Repairing Service,
  • Laptop Repairing Services,
  • Computer Hardware Services,
  • Computer AMC Services,
  • Computer Assembling,
  • Screen Replacement
  • Computer Cleaning & Formatting Services,
  • File Back up.
Mobile Service

Mobile phones are one of the most personal devices in modern life. Extremely multi functional , mobile phones accomplish a plethora of tasks daily, ranging from communicating to buying groceries.The Services provided by us:

  • Mobile inspection,
  • Camera Replace,
  • Virus removal,
  • Water damage,
  • Display problem,
  • Buttons malfunction,
  • Battery Life,
  • Audio Problems,
  • Screen pads.
Network Maintenance

Network integration services can enable the and helps to develop infrastructure of your Information Technology to acclimate to new technologies that suit your business needs to adapt the new technologies to built a platform through the valuable way.

  • Network Integration Service,
  • Cabling & Wireless,
  • Building and Campus LAN,
  • Extranet / Intranet,
  • Hotspot with Wireless Access,
  • Network Deployment Service,
  • Reduced costs,
  • Inspection of attacks,
  • Roaming profiles.
Printer Repair

A printer is a device that accepts text and graphic output from a computer and transfers the information to paper.The hardware or peripheral devices plays a major role and fulfill the targeted work which can be done through digital technology.Our services to printer:

  • No Charge Warranty Service,
  • Contract Service,
  • Time and Materials Service,
  •  Ink Cartridge Refilling Service,
  • Toners Refilling Services,
  • Cost per Page Service,
  • Overall Inspection,
  • Time and Materials Service,
  • Maintenance  service.